How To Care For A Synthetic Wig

So, How Do You Care For A Synthetic Wig?

You're probably busy taking selfies in your new hair (we don't blame you!), but in order to make sure your new girl is in top condition, we recommend following our tips n' tricks. These wigs are not human hair, so they require special care.

Wig Care Tips

  • When receiving your wig, brush her out and iron out any kinks using hot tools.
  • Brush out your wig each and every time after she is worn. 
  • Only use hot tools around 260-300 degrees when styling.
  • When brushing, do not pull too hard or you will break the fibers.
  • Do not apply hair serums or typical hair styling products. This will leave a bad texture on the hair. 

How To Wash Your Wig

We recommend washing your wig every 5-7 wears. 

  • Make sure the hair is brushed out before starting.
  • Fill a bucket or sink with cool water.
  • Add 1/2 cup fabric softener to the water, use one that is for delicates.
  • Let it soak for about 30 minutes. If there is any gel or makeup on your lace, you can scrub it off at this time. 
  • Rinse it very well or you will feel the residue after it drys.
  • Lay the wig on a towel overnight to dry. Air dry for the best results!




  • Do not scrub the hair when washing, this may tangle it.
  • Do not hang the wig to dry, this may stretch out the wig cap.
  • Refrain from pulling the hair if you brush it wet. We recommend waiting until it's dry, but if you want to brush it wet, do it lightly as the knots may have become loose from the water.

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